Friday, July 31, 2009

Riff of the Day: Vital Signs (Rush)

This is the final cut on Rush's 'Moving Pictures' disc and a high point for Geddy Lee's bass tone.

The verse bass riff is one of the toughest to play if your left hand is weak. You need a solid, strong pinkie on this one, unless you cheat by stretching your ring finger to hit the 8th-fret notes:

___Cm _____Ab________Cm
___e e e e e e e e___e e e e e e e e

This is a good one for building strength and dexterity in that left hand. Hold your index finger across all four strings at the 5th fret (you can cheat by just fretting across the D and G strings, but you'll strengthen that finger by working it harder). Your middle and pinkie fingers do all the work.

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