Friday, July 31, 2009

Pic of the Day: Dinosaur Creation Land

A few years ago, evolution-denier Kent "Gawd Sez I Don't Hafta Pay No Taxes!" Hovind got 10 years in prison for not paying taxes for his employees--nearly half a million bucks' worth of taxes.

On July 30, a court ruled that nine properties that Jailbird Hovind's little "creation" museum, Dinosaur Adventure Land, can be seized by the Feds to be sold to pay off what the tax-cheatin', creation-preachin' Hovind owes. I'd link to the story itself, but the Pensacola News Urinal only keeps them up a few days--then charges you for access to older stories. Here's the Pharyngula Science Blog link instead.

Here are a few pics of the "theme park"--beginning with an aerial view as captured in Google Earth, then a few shots of the frontage on Palafox Street. I've got a DVD capture from a dying camcorder I took with me on a visit, and I'm hoping to get some usable pics from that as well.

As a bonus, there's a pic for his loving supporters to pin up: FREE KENT!

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