Saturday, July 18, 2009

Pic of the Day: Welcome to Pensacola! CHOOSE! (click to enlarge)

It never surprises me anymore, the utter certainty and arrogance of crazy religious folks and their black-and-white approach to life. I suppose it makes them comfortable, being able to distill all of reality's shades of gray down to either-or choices, even though the rest of us know better.

Sure makes the resale value on that piece of property look high, doesn't it?


  1. That reminds me of something that happened at work last week. I had just concluded business with a guy and said good bye when he said, "Have a nice day", really emphasising the "nice", and he reached out a hand, I assumed for a handshake. But no, he had a little palm sized tract hidden in his hand, which he slipped into mine. On the front it said, "Have a nice day", and on the back it said, "Remember, hell is hot, heaven is not!" Of course, the cowardly jerk had already walked off, no doubt having figured out I would not be amused by his little threat.

    At least when I had to deal with a Catholic priest in his full dog-collar outfit, he only said, "god bless you" without palming off any garbage on me. -- LR

  2. It's funny how they feel they have to be sneaky with it, isn't it?

    I can imagine Dawkins or Hitchens at a book signing, trying the same thing (signed copies, of course).