Saturday, July 4, 2009

POTD: Alabama leaning to the Left!

Taken Feb. 18, 2006. Katrina made a direct hit right over Fort Pike in Louisiana, just west of the Louisiana-Missippi line. With a hurricane, the worst place to be is to the east of that line--and Mobile, Alabama caught a good bit of it in the teeth.

The U.S.S. Alabama (BB-60) has been on display in Mobile Bay since 1965. I have vague memories of a tour when I was less than 10 years old--just grey steel and a bad smell in the U.S.S. Drum submarine that used to be docked nearby.

I got this picture on the way back from a trip to Fort Gaines, at the entrance to Mobile Bay. When Katrina's storm surge er...surged up the bay out of the Gulf of Mexico, it gave the ship a nudge strong enough to tip it about 10 degrees to port. One of the gangways was bent up pretty badly and the planes in the nearby display field took some damage.

In the foreground are pilings and wreckage from--if I remember correctly--seafood restaurants that were simply washed away.

The cranes to either side of the ship might have been part of the effort to right the ship shortly after this pic was taken.

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