Saturday, July 11, 2009

Karaoke With Number Two: Unchained Merody

Probably the only three amusing stories I've got of my brief purgatory with Two have to do with her love of karaoke.

Two had (maybe has--but I haven't seen her since December 29, 1996...but who's counting?)...anyway, Two had a good singing voice. I went with her a few times, sat at our table and wished I'd brought a book or something. I'm not much for the clubs or nightlife. Give me a book, dammit!

I missed out on some comedy gold, though, because of that. There's a Chinese restaurant in Tallahassee called Lucy Ho's. The guy who was running karaoke back in the day had a solid Asian accent, the whole Engrish "R" for "L" thing. He was cool, outgoing, knew how to work the crowd...and I never heard him singing the one time I went. Number Two did, though. It was a slow night and at one point he cued up "Unchained Melody."

Well..."Unchained Merody."

"Oh, my dahring...I rong to feer...your toucsshhhhhhhh..."

Man, I wish I'd been there.

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