Saturday, May 16, 2009

Song of the Day: Holy Mountains (System of a Down)

Track 8 off System's "Hypnotize" disc (2005).

This song covers a typical topic of theirs--the Armenian Genocide by the Ottoman Empire (Turkey) around the time of World War 1. The "Holy Mountain"--Mount Ararat, believed to be the landing point for Noah's Ark--was taken from Armenia by the Turks (source: Song Facts).

Rather than being a standard thrash-fest, this song has a spooky feel; Serj Tankian doesn't indulge in his usual screeching vocals, here. He maintains an introspective, dark mood that becomes horrifying in the choruses, when Daron Malakian adds the primal-scream "Liar, Killer, Demon!" that describes the Turkish government.

For the first few weeks after I got this CD and threw it to my iPod, I found "Mountains" disturbing--the chorus would bring a knot to my throat. I didn't even know what the song was about at the time. Now, though, I'd say it's very effective.

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