Monday, May 4, 2009

A curse and a gift?

Writing the Song of the Day entry (Dixie Flyer) made me think of how a song will get stuck in my head, sometimes for days.

Usually it'll be something I like and have learned to play recently--like "Synchronicity II" by The Police. That one hung around for weeks and drove me nuts! At first it was the bass line, but then I had the drum part going round and round. I think Edgar Winters' "Frankenstein" haunted my inner studio for a few days while I worked out some of the more complex bass riffs.

It's pretty useful--once I learn a song, as long as I go through it often enough to keep it "alive" in memory, it stays put and I can play it back anytime.

These days, though, it's hardly ever a song I like. Where I work, the boss listens exclusively to...cuh...cuhhh...*deep breath* And yes, it hurts me to even type that word. If I'm in the building, I get to hear the same set of utter crap all day long, be it the mindless religious stupidity of "Jesus Take the Wheel," the mindless gonna-whup-yer-ass attitude of "Courtesy of the Red White and Blue," the unsexy posturing of "Redneck Woman," the imbecile who don't know the differnce between Iraq and Iran, or the moron who thinks America is One Nation Under God.

Hey, dumbass, the correct motto is "E. Pluribus Unum." From many, ONE, no matter what you buggers voted for in 1952.

So now I hear this crap all day...and on the way home I've got the stupid oozing around in my head like some virus trying to replicate. Bleah.

Fortunately, I can scare that country (cut & pasted that one) crap away with a proper placement of System of a Down for the more severe infestations. Any decent Rush song will clobber them. Led Zeppelin, Soundgarden...if I need reinforcement, I can always set the iPod to "shuffle."

It's a gift. It's a curse.

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