Monday, May 4, 2009

Song of the Day: Dixie Flyer (Randy Newman)

The first time I heard the piano intro to this song, it was being used as "bumper" music between segments of NPR's Car Talk. I was utterly captivated. It's amazing how such a simple melody can hold one's attention.

I was disappointed, maybe 3 years later, when I heard...the rest of the song. It wasn't anything like what I'd imagined. It was...okay.

For days after I found it, either the piano part or the bass line kept playing through my mind, keeping me awake at night or making me wish my car had a radio so I could drown it out.

It's been nearly a decade since, and I don't have it haunting me anymore (that usually happens on "new" stuff, whether I like a song or despise it). But every now and then I'll cue it up and get carried away by that beautiful, flowing arpeggio and remember why I had to hear the rest.

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