Friday, January 7, 2011

Evading the Knife!

It's a miracle! It's a miracle!

No, no it isn't. *sigh*

I was set up for this crap a month ago and have been waiting all this time, wanting to just get it all over with, wanting to be done with the recovery and back on my feet, hoping that I'd be able to finally move along in better health and all that.


No, I got a call yesterday morning--barely 24 hours before I was due to check-in--and was told that it's off because my Medicaid application was turned down last week. That was rejected because I'm not listed as disabled and don't fit the other criteria laid out by Social Security.

I've been fighting for maybe 4 months NOT to get myself classified as disabled--trying to get back to work, trying to get recouperated from July's torn aorta, not willing to take that step, because in my mind I haven't considered myself disabled. But the reality of it is that in the 6 months since my aorta separated, I'm not that much better. I still have trouble walking very far; 500 feet is about it before my knees and right leg start to go (same leg that went numb in July). There's no way I can run. I can't stand for more than a few minutes at a time. Even riding an 18-speed bicycle--the smoothest bike I've ever been on, with the easiest gearing you could want--leaves me exhausted after a low-speed roll around the block.

So now I'll be working with a hospital social worker who knows how to handle the Social Security stuff to help me get enrolled; it'll take several months from what I've read at their site, then it's another try at the Medicaid system, THEN the kidney.

All that build-up, all the waiting and getting things ready... *grumble*

I cleaned my freaking ROOM! :p~~~~~

Seriously. My untidiness is legendary. And now I can't find stuff.

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