Saturday, January 29, 2011

Pic of the Day: Some People are IDIOTS.

No, Elton John's not an idiot in this case (though he IS an idiot for playing at Pigboy Limbaugh's wedding, money or no).

Nope, the idiot in this case is the person who took it upon themselves to make this magazine rack "safe" by turning all the mags with John, his man, and the baby around so the highly offensive covers wouldn't show.

I turned them back, then remembered that I've got a little camera for grabbing pics of stuff like this, for later mockery on the blog.

When I commented on the magazines, the clerk at the store told me about a customer who came in, shopped around, brought his stuff up to the counter, then stopped and pointed down behind the counter at the porn mags.

"I didn't know you could still legally sell those here," he said. The clerk told him that they've always been there.

"I can't shop here." Dumbass just walks out, leaving the stuff on the counter, unpaid for.

That's just stupid.

About as stupid as this religious goofball with whom I worked at a convenience store in 1993. He was so devoted to his religious stuff that he made sure everyone saw him reading his little book on breaks (i.e., when there was work to be done), he tried to hijack the store radio to some religious crap (manager told him she'd kneecap him if he touched her radio again), and wouldn't stock the cooler because his religion prohibited him from touching alcohol.

This same religidiot was arrested and dragged from the store on warrants for beating his wife and selling drugs. What a prince.

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