Saturday, January 8, 2011

Pic of the Day: Palin's Targets, only bigger.

Thanks to PZ Myers' Pharyngula blog, I learned that there's an even bigger version of Clampett Spice's hit-map, with her name all over it.

I can hardly wait to see what Clampett Spice Tweets about the shootings.


Update (Jan. 11, 2011): The silence from Caribou Barbie has been telling...and deafening. I bet it's causing near-physical pain for her to avoid public attention, but since her Facebook post expressing her condolences after the shootings, she hasn't so much as Tweeted.

Instead, the coward has been tough-talk emailing one of the few people as crazy as she is (Glenn Beck) and hiding behind her conservative Big Brothers, hoping they'll fight for her.

Some moron named Mansour denies that those little crosshairs are crosshairs--they're surveyor's marks!

Her sorry ass is trying to play the victim, here, making it About Sarah Palin. The attempted assassination of a U.S. Congresswoman, the assassination of a Federal Judge, the murders of five more including a nine-year-old girl, and the wounding of a dozen more bystanders, and Palin's a martyr, the victim--the same role she's been playing for two years.

Still, there's a very bright side to all this: her star is falling. Her second book's sales are so bad the distributors are sending them back in droves. Her first book's out in paperback now, and sales are nothing like the first round.

Her TLC show--Clampett Spice's Alaska or somesuch--hasn't been picked up for a second season. Her Fox Noise show apparently disappointed even the faithful.

One can hope that all this means that she'll fade away.

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