Saturday, January 8, 2011

Pic of the Day: Palin's Targets.

Yeah, it's probably tacky to post this, but appropriate in the wake of the shootings in Tuscon, Arizona this morning. Democratic Representative Giffords was shot and wounded and a Federal judge was killed by some Glock-waving prick.

So it's appropriate that Sara "Don't retreat--reload!" Palin's "hit list" map be posted on any available surface. This same picture ran for months on behalf of various right-wing tea-bagging scumbags, most notably on, where "the 20" referred to the 20 crosshaired Congressional districts seen on the map. Those are all Democrats who voted for Health Care Reform. The site has been pulled down, so at least there's someone with some sense--or at least someone trying to cover their asses.

Stay classy, Snowbillies and "Second Amendment Remedy" assholes: one of the people killed was a child. Fark all of you.

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