Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Whiny Christian Resorts to Violence!

So there I was, minding my own business and reading PZ Myers' Pharyngula blog, when I came across a link to some whiny little shit whining in his overwrought little shit manner.

Yeah, I know, there's no news to that!

BUT...this guy says he will punch people in the throat if they don't make His Whiny Little Shitness happy:

The Next Person Who Says Happy Holidays Shall Be Punched In The Throat
Posted on December 26th, 2010
by Ronald Williams

How’s that for holiday spirit??

I’ve just about had enough of the minimization of Christmas. Political correctness, coupled with bitter, angry atheists, have all but destroyed any remnants of the reason for celebrating this holiday, and I am at an unprofessional boiling point. Yes, this shall be one of my rants.

Does anyone really believe our nation is better off without the true meaning of Christmas allowed in public places? It is already an over-commercialized financially crippling mess. We have created numerous fairy tales to detract from the true meaning. From a fat man in a red suit who sneaks down our chimney at night, to flying reindeer with red noses, to a very unmanly enchanted snowman (that’s right, I said it!! I hate Frosty!!), we will look to anything to not have to look toward or understand the true meaning of CHRISTmas.

Oh, he does go on--and his post would have the right vocal tenor if we could get Anthony "C-3PO" Daniels to do the voiceover. There should be a "Whiny Little Shit" font for people like him to rant in. How about Comic Sans? No one likes it anyway.

Like so many Whiny Little Shits (hereafter "WLS"), he doesn't know basic stuff like "X" being an abbreviation for "Christ"--and that the christers themselves came up with that. Nope, he just bitches about it, like a good WLS should.

He screeches about "political correctness," a term the professional hysterics and herds of WLS's use to scare each other with, but which otherwise simply means "people saying or doing things we don't like." He spits the word Kwanzaa the way a cobra spits venom, butthurt and bitter that other people would dare to take attention from his own imaginary holy day by celebrating their own.

He howls in impotent fist-shaking rage at "bitter, angry" atheist strawmen and their NERVE (and here he clutches his pearls like an hysterical June Cleaver sighting a mouse) at expressing their opinions publicly on public transit banners, then tells us that we believe in NOTHING (hey, what's one more religious imbecile who doesn't even know what an atheist is?)!

His WLS rant is just a childish temper tantrum, and nothing more than one would expect considering what passes for a conservative these days--though I bet this WLS thinks he's got a good Lewis Black-style rant instead.

Poor little kid. Yeah, he's got it tagged as "humor," but one never really knows what violence such people will resort to if their passive aggression doesn't get them what they want. Remember the Mohammed cartoons? If not him, there's always someone who would get violent over stupid things like the use of "Happy Holidays."

It's a few months early, but I'd like to tell this twit right now, since I will otherwise forget:

HAPPY HOLIDAYS...a$$hole. :)

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