Wednesday, January 12, 2011

All About Her. All About Them.

Yup, that crazy fake-Alaskan cow is making the Tuscon shootings and the discourse all about herself.

At least she waited for the bodies to get cold.

At least she stayed out of the public eye for 4 days--but she made up with it with a 7-minute dose of arrogance and stupidity that surpasses ANYthing she's done before. She whines about a "blood libel" in the comments about her reprehensible "gunsight" rhetoric during the 2010 campaign, and the "don't retreat--reload!!" crap she spewed. Blood libel? What the ever-lovin' fark would she know about blood libel? Her family's not Jewish, hasn't been accused of using babies' blood to make matzoh. What an utter pig. She was probably out of the public eye this long so she could learn her lines. Either that or she was building the cross she's dangling herself from in her hypocritical fake-martyrdom.

Hell, there's more but I can't even rant about her stupid ass in the manner she deserves; the Rude Pundit can and does. He even offers a link to her video; I won't. But if you watch it, look at the little white square reflected in her glasses: a teleprompter!

Meanwhile, President Obama's attending a memorial service tonight in Tuscon, doing the right and Presidential thing, because this is about those who were killed, those who were injured, not about him.

But what are Boner and his classy Republicans doing, back in DC? Why, holding a cocktail party. Professional excuse-makers point out that this is a Really Important Cocktail Party, so I guess we've got to give him a pass.

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