Saturday, April 25, 2009

Song of the Day: Buggy Ride (Wynton Marsalis Septet)

This is the 1st track on the 3rd of 7 CD's in Marsalis' "Live at the Village Vanguard." It's the only track I've really listened to so far, since I'm not the jazz-hound that some of my friends are. I tend to go more for heavy, hard rock these days--but this is one song that I keep coming back to because Marsalis' trumpet gymnastics are so very smooth and entertaining. Sweet tone--not a screaming, brassy clarion, but a breathy and intimate sound that blends well with the rest of the septet.

The piano sound isn't as appealing--maybe it's just the way it was mic'ed, but it sounds muffled and flat, like a video game MIDI piano.

An overall review of the Vanguard gigs is here at All About Jazz.

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