Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Pareidolia Goes Global!

...because some goofball already had Hasn't done anything with it since January of 2004, but there it is.

This isn't a replacement for my Pareidolia BookBlog; it's more of a hub blog for other stuff like music and other non-book topics. The BookBlog is fun to do, but since I'm only reading a book at a time, and that one generally takes a week (because of work, sleep, and all the other stuff people do when they're not reading), that blog's not getting updated quickly or regularly enough to stay on anyone's radar.

I also want to move some of the clutter out of the BookBlog, move them over here where the topics are more appropriate. Considering how much room the tags list takes up (I'll be cleaning that up, too), there's just too much clutter.

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