Thursday, April 30, 2009

Song of the Day Bonus: All or Nothing (Small Faces)

I'd never heard of this band--let alone the song--before GB had us play it in our first rehearsal. The Small Faces were only together for 4 years (1965-69), but that's still 3 years and 7 months longer than that band I was in. After the Small Faces broke up in 1969, some guy named Rod Stewart joined and they re-formed as The Faces. What have we got? Me, writing a blog. Wodger is somewhere in Virginia, probably still being a douchebag who doesn't return phone calls. GC and MC are still in town. I never even learned Navy Jim's last name. No idea where he is now.

We played the song pretty straight--GC and I doubled the guitar part, with me throwing in harmonics on the main arpeggio figure. It was slow enough that I could handle playing all-downstrokes on the chorus (I couldn't do that on our faster stuff--had to cheat with alternating strokes, and still have to on one song I can remember).

I've got us playing this thing on that video of our first gig...woof. Maybe one day I'll throw it up--or throw up--(ha ha ha) on YouTube.

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