Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Beating Up the Snack Machine!

This happened a few years back. I was working as a delivery driver for one of the car parts places. I had a run to the local Mitsubishi dealer, who's also a Chevy dealer and Volkswagen dealer. For those of you in Pensacola, he's not the one in Car City.

For all his friendly "I'm-your-pal" crap in his commercials, he comes off as a prick if you're not buying: I hadn't been to this shop before, and as I was pulling alongside the building, looking for a parking spot, I saw him and a salesman talking. I stopped there, rolled down a window, and asked where a good place to park would be (we're not supposed to use customer parking or obstruct doors, gates, and all that). Owner-boy ignores me. The sales guy was an actual human being and pointed me to an open spot.

So I go in, drop off the parts, and as I'm getting close to the door out I hear *BAM! BAM! BAM! BAM!* I get through the door, and there's owner-boy rocking the snack machine back against the wall: it cheated him of his M&M's.

Guy's worth millions. *snort*

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