Thursday, March 3, 2011

I Get Email.

PZ Myers and other bloggers get dreary email rants from devout, googly-eyed screechers and godbots.

I get erection spam and wonderful opportunities to rake in cash:


Under the United Nations scam victims rehabilitation scheme you are listed and approved to receive payment of US$750.000.00 as one of the scammed victims.

Be guided therefore to get in touch with the country supervising payment officer in Nigeria ASAP via his given information so that he can release your funds to you as per our standing instruction.

Name: Mr.Emmanuel Rhodes
Phone: +234 1890 0697

Notify us in writing as soon as you get paid of the above amount.

Faithfully yours,
Dr.Debra Green {Mrs.}

That's the third one this week! So nice to know that Dr. Green (Mrs.) is looking out for me.

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