Thursday, March 31, 2011

Good news on the Kidney...

Actually two pieces; first I got a call yesterday setting up a surgery appointment for April 27th. This was to be the same surgeon and procedure--a 12" cut below the right ribs, some digging around and clamping and cutting and closing, then more than a month of recovery.

This afternoon, a new call from the surgeon asking whether I'd rather go with the laparoscopic method via one of his colleagues. Instead of one big cut, there are two or three smaller ones and a much quicker recovery. Unfortunately, either way I'm looking at a urinary catheter for a day.

It made me think of The Learning Channel and Discovery Channel, back when they were worth a crap. One of them carried a show called "The Operation" in which some pretty graphic surgical stuff was shown, from knee surgery to a cesarian birth to a laparoscopic gall bladder operation.

Maybe I WILL make my goal of being done with all this and back to work by mid-July.

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