Sunday, February 13, 2011

Unintended Honesty (or just Irony?) From Rightie Moron!

Bob Cesca quotes a rant from some conservative I've never heard of (Herman Cain?! Sounds like a religious standup comedian...oh.), who in the first part of his whine at the conservative cheerleading tryouts known as CPAC (they pretend it's a "convention"--how adorable), this goober said,

stupid people are ruining America
Why, yes, yes they are. Many of them were at your convention, Cain, and one of them was wearing your suit.

My only question was, did Cain perhaps hit the bar beforehand and get a little lubed up, causing him to commit this unintended honesty about his own party...or is he just so stupid that he committed a gaping irony (one that would be missed by him and his audience; after all, they're conservatives)?

One never knows, with such people. Either way, he's right. Stupid people are ruining this country.

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