Sunday, February 27, 2011

My Salamander is a Teabagger!

I just realized this while feeding the little critter. I've had it for nearly 6 years now and it's always amused me how I can put food right in front of its nose and it'll just sit there, completely unaware, looking up at me with its froggy little face and wondering when I'm going to feed it.

Teabaggers are the same way with facts and reality: you can put a "Spark Charts" version of the Constitution or American History in their hot little hands and they'll just look at you with utter incomprehension.

The newt is sometimes on the ball, though, snapping up a food pellet before it even hits the water--but within moments, it's forgotten there was any food at all.

Teabaggers are like this, too: they see words they like in the Constitution and bite down hard--words like "Lord" or "bear arms" or "impeach" and miss everything else.

In six years, I haven't even named my newt, just called it things like bug-eater, frog-face, or goober (especially when it's looking right at the food and missing it).

Maybe I should name it "Teabagger."

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