Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Florida's Gov. Scumbag follows Arizona's Gov. Crypt Keeper

...into being an utter waste of oxygen. He's decided that killing people who need organ transplants isn't as important as taking care of rich assholes who might die without yet another tax cut.

Pushing Rope quotes Peter Schorsch's list of evil, short-sighted things Governor Scumbag plans to do; the most concerning one (for me) is this:
* Saving close to $1 billion by limiting the state’s Medically Needy program to pregnant women and children, barring thousands of transplant patients and those with catastrophic illnesses from participating in the program;
Nice. I just got approved for the Medically Needy program in the last couple of weeks. I wonder how soon it'll be before Gov. Scumbag's cuts affect that.

Keep in mind: Governor Scumbag is the same piece of corporate excrement whose company HCA/Columbia committed a massive Medicare fraud scheme . He, of course, evaded prosecution, though he admits to some responsibility.

After the way President Fratboy got away with torture, violating national and international law, and all that, I don't see us getting lucky enough to see Gov. Scumbag removed from office no matter how deep into the ground he runs the state.

Way to go, Florida voters, you idiots.

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