Friday, February 12, 2010

This car guy's got something in his eye...

I'm subscribed to a Citation/X-11 email list; one of the guys posted a link to Tyler's Toy.

Tyler Shipman is an 18 year old car guy from Frazee, Minnesota. He's dying of cancer, apparently in its final stages now. I hope I'm wrong about that, but he's on 24-hour hospice care.

He joined a Fiero group in late October of '09, looking for help in building up his own car in the time he had left.

The Pennock Fiero group turned out and brought the young man's dream to fruition in November.

As one car guy to another, I hope for the best for Tyler--and my hat is off to the people who did all the heavy lifting--two dozen volunteers, donated parts, shop space, all in a single weekend!

At the rollout that weekend, Tyler took the wheel.

Man, that's beautiful.

Tyler died 2/14/2010.

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