Saturday, February 27, 2010

Neighborhood Douchebag.

In September of 2008, some County dick came into my yard and gave me 2 weeks to get rid of my '83 Citation. On the 29th of that month, she was towed away for scrapping and I had $100 in my pocket.

I still want my car back, even though I've since gotten another Citation--and an X-11, at that-- in better condition.

Now the neighborhood douchebag who sicced the County dick out here in '08 has tried again. While I was at work yesterday, some kind of police officer (city? County?) stopped by, having received a complaint about a vehicle sitting in the yard: my '92 Tracker. I don't drive it as often as I used to, now that I've got the X-11. But when the X is having a bad day, I can hop in the Tracker and start it right up. I was going to sell the thing, and I still might at some point, but I've kept it registered and insured for just such eventualities.

Apparently the douchebag's eyes couldn't see that there's a license plate on the Tracker, and couldn't see me driving it a few weeks ago, or a few weeks before that. Amazingly, this same douchebag's need to interfere in other people's lives wasn't triggered by the Tracker being up on ramps for 3 months last year with a broken clutch cable. Why the rush, now?

The police guy poked around, asked a few questions of my mother, and left without putting up a sticker or anything, and that's as it should be--the Tracker's not "sitting." It's PARKED.

I'm thinking of making up some posters--"Neighbors Shouldn't Be Douchebags" or "It's REGISTERED, you MORON!" and sticking them on the Tracker, then driving up and down the street a few times. Maybe park it in an actiony-looking pose in the front yard, like it's climbing rocks?

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