Friday, February 5, 2010

Song of the Day: Cult of Personality (Living Colour)

Damn, what a band. That's Vernon "Badass" Reid on guitar, Corey "Badass" Glover singing, Muzz "Badass" Skillings on bass, and Will "Badass" Calhoun on drums, all out-rockin' the hair-farming white kids of the late-'80s radio wasteland. They out-rocked the shoe-gazing white kids of the mid-'90s. They brought this one song to the mainstream, a blend of funk, jazz, and metal that still compels me to crank that sucker up and air-guitar through both solos.

Vernon Reid's main guitar riff hook is one of my favorites--and his soloing style leaves me looking at my fingers and guitar, wondering what it must be like to be a musician.

Corey Glover's vocals...the man's got one of the best voices, third in my top 5 singers I wish I could sing like (Chris "Soundgarden" Cornell and Lane "Alice in Chains" Staley are firmly in first and second, respectively).

Skillings and Calhoun form a plenty solid, tight, and inescapable rhythm section.

They're not as pretty as mid-'70s Rush.

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