Tuesday, December 31, 2013

2013 In Review

Spent three months recovering from 10 days in the hospital. Have avoided being admitted to one all year. Will continue to avoid them in 2014.

Saw the results of a CAD project: my X-11 decals on a Mexican car!

Also, this guy's a drumming badass.

Fixed my car.

Drove to Atlanta to pick up a spare X-11 engine. Drove the Tracker around for a few more months with the damn thing still there.

Went to San Francisco. Wish I could have stayed awhile. Three days isn't nearly enough. And I graffiti'd Fort Point.

Added Frisco's Fort Point to my CAD fort projects.

Rush made it into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame.

My car fixed me.

Another guy used my X-11 decals on his car.

Started building again on Revell's 1/96 Saturn V kit. Amassed close to 1 gigabyte of research pictures and YouTube clips.

I finished the Atlanta trip (finally) by getting the spare X-11 engine out of the Tracker.

My mom died. Still doesn't seem possible. Still haven't heard a thing from the Perdido Bay Muscogee Creek tribe folks. Nice.

Fixed my car.

Fixed my car.

Managed to read and review 12 books, up from 6 in 2012.

Wrote this post.

Goodbye to 2013. You sucked.

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