Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Florida's Sensible Party Wins!

In Florida, there were some ballot items that were almost as important as the presidential race.

The pissy wingnuts in the Legislature, Governor Scumbag, and their masters the Koch brothers were hoping to oust three FL Supreme Court Justices who ruled against the state's efforts to block Obama's Affordable Care Act.

Governor Scumbag can't fire the justices directly, but he was hoping to use Florida's "merit retention" to get the voters to axe the three so he could appoint some more compliant justices. I hadn't known that this was linked to the Koch scumbags, but it's not surprising.

At any rate, we the voters ruled that the justices get to keep thwarting the Tallahassee dirtbags.

The other good news is that a whole mess of wingnut state constitutional amendments failed--and they failed badly. These were pretty standard teabagger items--exemption from the Affordable Care Act, an attempt to lower the wall separating church and state, capping the state's ability to collect taxes, and the obligatory anti-abortion stuff.

In two years, that hairless teabagger grifting fraudster will be out as governor. Nice to know that at least some of his agenda has been crushed.

His teabagger pals, as expected, are gonna double down. Losing didn't teach them a thing.

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