Friday, May 6, 2011

War Criminals want Credit for Osama Kill!

So Ex-President Fratboy declines an invitation to honor the dead of 9/11 New Yorkers, saying he prefers to stay out of the spotlight in his post-failure years, but back-chatter has it that he's whining over not getting enough "credit" for the death of his old buddy Bin Laden.

Barely 6 months after declaring OBL Wanted Dead or Alive, the dumbass-in-chief declared that he didn't know or care where Bin Laden was. He was more interested in trying to lie us into his war on Iraq, so finding OBL was a needless distraction.

By 2005, this towering imbecile shut down the CIA operation that was hunting OBL. Conveniently, that's about when OBL bought himself that little ranch outside of town and nestled in.

Since OBL got wasted, Fratboy and his co-war-criminals have been falling over each other trying to grab the spotlight and justify their actions, from going to Iraq to torturing people.

The one thing I would have liked to see from Obama the day he took office is a nod to the Secret Service and various Law Enforcement folks, signaling them into action, seeking out and taking Fratboy and his pals into custody. Set up a criminal investigation, get indictments, and put the lot of them in prison.

Keep this in mind: the Allies prosecuted war criminals after World War Two, Germans and Japanese troops who were "just following orders" when they tortured prisoners--including waterboarding. These men were executed for their crimes.

George Bush should have written his memoir behind bars.

Cheney should be in an undisclosed prison location.

Condi Rice could practice her snotty, condescending horseshit on her prison guards.

Scumsfeld should be on a steady prison diet of Aspartame-laden foods and drinks.

Anyone I left out...same thing.

There's still time to give these criminals the credit they deserve, Mr. President.

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