Thursday, May 5, 2011

Finally, some answers about my legs.

Ever since I got out of the hospital in July of last year, I've had walking troubles. I've been trying to explain the problem to my regular doctor, but he keeps impatiently--and incorrectly--finishing my sentences or telling me not to "complicate" things. Getting my blood pressure under control was Job One.

Fine. That's handled. With the meds I'm on, I can regulate my BP down to the point where my fingers tingle and one arm and the other leg go numb when I'm lying down, depending on which side I'm lying on. Let's fix my freaking LEGS now, huh?

If I stand for more than a few minutes, walk for more than 500 feet or so, or bend over (say, while I'm working on my car) for very long, I have to sit. I don't get a choice: if I don't, I start hyperventilating and wheezing, my pulse races, my BP goes up, and my legs start to let go. They're not getting enough oxygen and not able to get rid of fatigue poisons.

If I sit for very long, everything below the knee starts to swell and cramp up. Sitting in my car for most of 13 hours last Saturday didn't do me any good.

Both problems are all because of poor blood flow. I've been trying to tell this to that doctor and a couple of others for the past 10 months, but they don't seem to listen. They only want to focus on the aortic dissection and kidney problems--but neither of these is nearly as important to me in the here and now.

Today, during a pre-op meeting with an anesthesiologist (kidney's coming out one week from today!), I described my symptoms to her and she confirmed what I've been thinking all along.

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