Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Pic of the Day: The Great Appeaser.

Yes, I used Comic Sans on the pic. Sadly, it seems appropriate now.

I'm not as bitterly disappointed as many on the Left are at Obama's tendency to talk tough about standing up to the Goposaurs' demands and childishness only to almost immediately give the bastards what they want. Democrats are appeasers, not fighters.

So no, I'm not surprised at the lack of backbone, the dearth of fighting spirit. I've been pissed off at the Jellyfish Party since John "High Road" Kerry wouldn't defend himself against Fratboy's slimy Swift Boaters. Then he beseeched the country to move on, heal, grow.

Pelosi became Speaker and wouldn't go after Fratboy or his administration for the torturing, lying, or anything else. She wanted the country to move ahead, not look behind.

Obama should have immediately opened investigations into Fratboy's actions, but took that goddamned "high road" and mumbled words about looking forward rather than behind. Yes, he's accomplished some important things, but enough is enough! When the hell is he going to understand that bipartisanship only works when there are two compromising parties working together, instead of one bunch of screaming, greedy assholes demanding, demanding, demanding and the other doing nothing but handing them what they want?

Fuck's sake, dude, stop being a doormat. The Dems deserved to lose in the 2010 Midterms. Obama's well on his way to deserving to lose in 2012.

Update: (12-10-2010--Apparently, this is classic Obama, the tough-as-nails talker who hands the opposition the goddamn ball as soon as it's in play. On last night's "Countdown," they devoted a segment to the Caver In Chief in which Hillary supporter Tom Buffenbarger decried him as a poet, not a fighter. This morning, the blogs are discussing it. There's video of Buffenbarger's speech at the link.

Andy Borowitz delivers a smack, as well, though he probably shouldn't give Obama something else to concede.

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