Thursday, March 25, 2010

THANKS, Neighborhood Douchebag!

This shit keeps piling up. First, the Neighborhood Douchebag whined last month to the County Dicks about my Tracker, trying to make it seem as though it's inoperable, abandoned, or whatever. Now, I've gotten a card and note from a City Dick about my shed, ordering me to stop working on it and giving me 15 days to get a building permit.

I understand the reasoning...but it pisses me off how much trouble one nosy asshole can cause.

Did this Douchebag dumbass complain while the Tracker was up on ramps for 2 months straight? Nope. But leave it parked under a tree and holy shit, I've got a junkyard! I guess the license plate and my occasional driving weren't enough of a clue. Satisfied the cop who showed up to nose around.

Did this imbecile complain while I was actually WORKING on the shed, back in October? Nope. I re-paneled the north side of the roof, but lost interest when it got cold. I've still got the south half of the roof to re-do before I can shingle it. Then it's getting new plywood on all four walls, a new door, maybe a bright red "FARK YOU!!" painted on the north side so the Douchebags can read it from their pool.

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