Monday, March 15, 2010

I Hate Computers: The Recovery Continues

So far, no new hard drive deaths. It's been 15 days--and only tonight did I get WinAmp installed and the speakers plugged in. Not many MP3's to play. Office 97 got installed Saturday.

I've used "Back2Life" on a couple of older hard drives, three SD cards, an old Sony memory stick, and a 512mb thumb drive so far, netting 105,000 files and 52 gigs of stuff. A lot of it is duplicated, some of it cross-linked or corrupted. Big mess.

Some of the recovered stuff is recovered stuff from the 2006 crash...and the 2004 crash...and a 2003 crash. I've got some shitty luck when it comes to computers. Doesn't help that I've got a "beat on it till the problem goes away" mentality that gets me into shit like this. The 2006 crash is probably the only "legitimate" crash out of all of them on this and the Pentium III system. I went looking for something in a folder, found the filenames corrupted, and like an idiot tried to run "Scandisk" on it rather than grabbing stuff and dumping it to backup. *poof* All gone.

Doesn't help that I'm a lazy-ass who doesn't do backups very often.

And I say the same thing each time: "That changes NOW." Yup, I'm determined, I'm gonna get it allll organized, gonna burn everything to DVD's. I even got a shiny new 500gb USB drive yesterday and have started dumping to it. Now it's just a race, like last time, between my determination to see this project through and this computer's determination to piss me off.

That changes now.

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