Thursday, March 4, 2010

I Hate Computers: Computing with the Enemy

Here I sit, with the freshly-reassembled and installed Sempron system I promised myself would never see another microsecond as a functional computer.

Kinda sucks, having to go back on that promise--and more so because a crappier computer forced me to decide what getting my stuff together was worth to me.

Reassembly was easy, getting first Win98 then the XP upgrade installed went painlessly, the thing's quieter for some reason, even though it's in the same setup it had before Sunday's crash.

Very anticlimactic, having the thing behave itself.

I shall be wary, for I have data--and it is waiting for the right moment to destroy it all!

Now comes the real fun, aside from reinstalling all the software: getting the dead hard drive plugged in to see how badly farked I am, given how lazy I've been about backing up stuff. I've got two external hard drives for all my download projects, but there's a painfully big amount of stuff on the dead drive. I even bought an external CD/DVD burner 2 weeks ago (with the TV card that helped cause all this crap) with the intention of backing all that stuff up.

I know what my weekend's going to be like.

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