Thursday, July 7, 2016

The most "Florida" encounter I've had...

Just had a Florida animal encounter.

Went to the store. As I'm shutting the car door, I see one of our big, brown roaches crawling along the side window frame toward me. I reached out right-handed and flicked it off the car to land maybe 10 feet away, in the parking lot.

A smarter creature would have pondered, turned, and scuttled off away from me.

Nope; the little shit revved up all 6 legs and came running at me like Barney Fife on a mission--"You wait right there! I'm gonna give you what-for! These legs are certified lethal weapons!"

He covered that 10 feet in moments, like a little dragster. Pretty impressive.

So I stepped on him. Self-defense. =P

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