Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Pic of the Day: Fort Pickens CAD, 2

Making massive progress. So far, I've gotten the inner structures of the eastern half--the north and south walls and the northeast and southeast bastions.

Once the sectional layer is done, I'll have a clean version of the 1869 "Section Through Embrasures" plan that made me want to draw the fort more than a decade ago:

From there, it'll be the roofing structure (the first pic in the June 3rd post) and my first clear look at the cisterns and stairs at the northwest and southwest corners, both of which suffered heavy damage in separate explosions.

The entire northwest corner was destroyed in 1899 when 8,000 pounds of gunpowder went up during an out-of-control fire. Engineers cleared the rubble and left a gaping hole in the fort--the bastion, cistern, and sections of the adjacent walls are gone.

The southwest wall, cistern, and bastion and part of the south wall were heavily damaged in 1916 when engineers dynamited parts of the fort that were in the way of the big guns of Battery Pensacola. Part of the south wall collapsed, the bastion lost its roof, and the cistern lost its front wall. This corner was a mirror image of the other, so there's no complete example bastion or cistern or some of the structures directly adjacent to them.

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