Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Pic of the Day (again): Fort Pickens CAD--Bastion B

The awesome continues. The single biggest pain in the can in all of Fort Pickens' architecture has been Bastion B, the southwest bastion. The three main rooms are at odd angles to one another, parallel only to their outer walls. There are smaller galleries leading between them and to adjacent rooms in the curtain walls. Lining all that up on paper was maddening, since I didn't have accurate angles for most of it.

I haven't roughed-in the cistern yet (time for a break, after almost 10 hours getting things to this point), but that'll be easy, given how painlessly everything else lined up.

And--as always--the "NCIS" Gibbs-slap montage for taking so damn long to get a cheap CAD program and build the damn fort drawing.

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