Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Pic of the Day: Grand Theft Election

Crediting Betty Cracker at Ballon Juice.

Good ol' Governor Scumbag is purging Florida's voter rolls of inconvenient brown people and others who are likely to vote the wrong way (you know, Democrats). One batch of names have already been scraped (and given 30 days to contest being removed from the rolls) and another is on the way.

One of those shifty vote-stealers who so concerned the Scumbag Administration was a vicious 91-year-old man who fraudulently got himself born in Brooklyn before it became a state, then killed a mess of German citizens in the 1940s. More recently, his crimes have included voting in Florida for the past 14 years.

Governor Scumbag--ever on the lookout for shifty business--sent him a letter telling him he's not a citizen.

Wait, what? Brooklyn was already part of the US? Those Germans were WW2 soldiers who had it coming? This man's a decorated veteran whose pissbucket Scumbag isn't worthy to carry? All true--but because of the Scumbag, Mr. Internicola is saddled with having to PROVE his citizenship.

There are hundreds more already.

Thanks go out to the teabagger morons for bringing this criminal scourge to Tallahassee. We'll dedicate a bonus Pic of the Day just for them:


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