Monday, May 21, 2012

George Tierney, meet the Internet...

...Internet, meet George Tierney of Greenville South Carolina..

He's your basic wingnut bully and apparently not very bright--which makes him the Most Interesting Man To The Internet right now.

He started off a few days ago yapping at Sandra Fluke on the Twitter, telling her to "shut that god damn dick sucker," then calling her the C-word. Smooth operator, there. The ladies love that stuff.

Shortly after that, TBogg over at FireDog Lake (linked above) noticed him and made fun of him. Georgie wigged out and threatened to sue him (HORRORS!!) if he didn't take it back and get it off of Google (muahahahahaha!!). I don't want to spoil it--go read the post, then the comments.

Apparently, Georgie hasn't heard of the Streisand Effect: trying to suppress information will only make it more public. Babs Streisand learned that the hard way.

Now he's done it. Georgie's an Internet star for being such a massive purple-veined douchebag: Balloon Juice and the Great Orange Satan have noticed him. Even Glen Danzig has noticed him. The Google likes him.

All worth reading just for the comments. Man, I love the Internet. Got to remember not to piss it off.

UPDATE (5/22/12): Well, that didn't take long. George Tierney of Greenville SC has pulled a Sir Robin and bravely ran away from the Internet. Well, the Twitter part of it. The Google has title to him.

Georgie...don't tote a weapon you don't like the taste of. Just sayin'.

Update to the Update (later that same hour): Oh, look out, y'all, George Tierney of Greenville South Carolina is back and he's ready to hammer asses. I don't think he knows what that means, but don't let's tell him.

Apparently he didn't learn from the first dose.

 Update to the Updated Update (5/23/12): Annnd he's still talking "legal action" against TBogg (or, as he calls him, "Jennifer" something--he thinks FireDog Lake's Jane Hamsher is TBogg the blogger, hosted at FDL). He even got hisself on the TeeVee back home. And that Twitter account's down for the 5th time. Annnd it's back up. He's discovered Glen Danzig!

Adding a few tags to reflect his ongoing stupidity...

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