Wednesday, November 9, 2011

The Caiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiin Train!

Well, not just Cain, but any of the Nine Eight Morons who think they're fit to be President.

Maybe I should go with video of a rocket or jet engine flaming out, but watching a railroad tanker try to turn itself inside out reminds me of Mitt "Perfectly-Lubed Weather Vane" Romney, Tim "Where's the farkin' No-Doz?!" Pawlenty, that Trump prick, Rick "N-head Ranch" Perry, Michele "She really is this stupid" Bachmann, the Snowbilly, and especially Herman "You want a job, right?" Cain twisting themselves up in a desperate effort to out-batshit, out-bullshit, and out-outrage each other.

Pawlenty's implosion was his candidacy.

Bachmann's implosion? Her mouth. That's some incredible batshit she spews.

Mittens'? His precise ability to swing into any political wind and be on both sides of any issue. It's not nuanced or thoughtful--just desperate.

Trump's? He's a bankrupt attention whore with freakish hair.

Snowbilly? She's just a gold-digger.

Perry? He's George W. Bush's intellectual inferior. That's saying something.

Cain? He thinks he's Mr. Smoov and above any real-world consequences for his actions. He's the 1% Candidate.

Santorum? His douchebag personality.

Huntsman's the closest thing to rational in the lineup--and that's going to kill his candidacy.

These stooges need to be banned from any public space, let alone public office.

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