Saturday, June 11, 2011

Ignorance is Unforgiveable.

Y'know, with that big Internet out there, there's no real excuse for the Alaska Idiot's ignorance of...well, everything.

Her recent howler about Paul Revere--claiming that he was riding to warn the British that Merkins was ARMED and they wasn't gunna take our guns--is just the latest shovel-full from the failed beauty queen. She also visited the Statute [sic] of Liberty. I wonder where that is.

The sad thing is, this imbecile was GUIDED in tours of these places and she STILL couldn't process the data except in talking points.

And this idiot is president material, according to stupid Republicans.

All the Alaska Moron has to do is get the "Schoolhouse Rock" box set--or go to YouTube:

Goddammit, there's just no excuse for ignorance.

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