Friday, April 8, 2011

Pic of the Day: Does This Bike Make My Arse Look Fat?

It would have been criminal to miss this shot, even though all I needed to do was drive straight ahead, point my little Fuji digital straight ahead, and let it do the work without distracting me.

This part of town has all sorts of interesting people riding the roads; there's a little guy (dwarf?) who rides a kid's bike. The high-rise handlebars give him the look of a biker with "ape hangers." I never had my camera ready.

Then there's Samurai Guy, who cycles up and down North Palafox. He wears an "armor" vest and helmet, both covered in shiny duct tape. Never got the camera up for a snapshot, but I did get him on video riding through a parking lot.

Ansel Adams had it easy: mountains don't move around.

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