Thursday, April 28, 2011

The Nefarious Mister S (part 5)

So I finally had video of Mister S caught in the act. What now?

First thing was to show our coworkers, of course. I copied the tape to a DVD, slapped that into a portable player, and showed everyone what Mister S did all summer.

Everyone but Mister S.
Pretty quickly, people came and told me that he was denying being anywhere near my car only to be told, "Dude, it's YOU, plain as day! He busted you!"

To this day, he still hasn't seen it. But it didn't stop him from keying the Tracker and sticking nails under the tires. Didn't get that on tape, though. Silly me, I thought he'd back down.

Boss got involved and barked at him and supposedly talked to Corporate and Human Resources...then came back to me with some bullshit about how the Company wasn't going to do anything. So much for the poster that says otherwise, huh?

Apparently, farking with my car is okay. Gotcha.

Fine. I spent the next two months screwing with my old buddy Mister S--sitting in the Tracker on lunch breaks with a camera prominently set up on the dash or a tripod, hiding my camcorder under a ballcap and letting it run for awhile, all with an eye to making a 10-minute flick to put on YouTube. Even when I wasn't filming, I still put a dummy lens on the dash, arranged to look like a camera.

It's a shame that the movie project got wiped out by a hard drive crash last year--and more so that some of the after-"Gotcha" taping I'd done got taped over. I'd have been able to rebuild the project, if not for that.

It gets better: since that last crash, I've gotten a new computer running Windows 7 of course that movie software I was using won't work.

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