Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Medical stuff.

March 13  marks 14 weeks since all the "fun" began--hydrocele surgery, an abcess and fever and 10 days in the hospital (and a second surgery to fix the abcess), 3 and a half weeks of antibiotics dripped into my arm (2-1/2 of those after I was out of the hospital), and 10 weeks (so far) visiting the Wound Care Clinic daily, then tree times a week, and now once a week. The remaining injury is a few millimeters across instead of inches.

A lot to go through to be rid of a mostly cosmetic (but still humiliating) problem.

My kidney doctor says that whether or not my remaining kidney can handle the iodine contrast dye, as long as I only get one CAT scan a year to monitor my damaged aorta it should be fine. There's not really any choice, since it's one of a few ways to see the damaged inner lining of the aorta.

I got that scan--contrast and all--a few days ago and will see the vascular surgeon next week to see what he thinks should be done. I really don't want it to be surgery. All I know right now is that it's "stable."

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