Monday, September 24, 2012

Pic of the Day: Romney forget it

Yeah, something stupid, what the hell is his problem, good news for Obama, and like that.

Took me too long in GIMP getting the text tool to work properly, so this better be as funny as I thought it'd be an hour ago. Dammit.

His techs really need to dump MittOS (an obvious resource hog, and unstable as hell) and hack some kind of Linux into him. He'd have to lose his proprietary Priveleged Asshole scripting environment--but he'd have Mah Jongg, which would make him more fun to be around.

They could load him with the Android OS, but that'd be kind of meta--and he'd have to pay George Luca$ royalties every time he said "DROID" at startup. Besides, the App Store really utterly SUCKS now that you have to set up a GMail account.

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