Thursday, April 12, 2012

Link Dump: Trayvon Martin

Just posted a "link dump" covering the Trayvon Martin killing over at the Kook Blog.

It's amazing what an utter shitstorm of racism Martin's murder has brought into the daylight. Newt Gingrich and his fellow wingnuts used it as an excuse to attack and slime President Obama and even his Attorney General, Eric Holder.

The usual suspects jumped all over Trayvon, blaming him for his own murder (if he hadn't dressed like that, he wouldn't have been shot--standard conservative "victim's fault" boilerplate, echoing their reaction to women who are raped) and rushed to defend the shooter and his Dirty Harry approach to neighborhood protection.

This being Florida, I don't really hold out much hope for Zimmerman being convicted on the 2nd Degree Murder charge, not with the idiotic "stand your ground" crap ol' Jughead Bush gave us.

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