Monday, March 19, 2012

Wingnut Punk to Libs and Non-Christians: "Get out" of U.S.

So Frothy Mix was hosted by some punk-ass preacher-boy loser in Louisiana over the weekend.

Preacher-boy doesn't like non-Christians or Liberals. Says we gotta go. Doesn't like the gays, either. Buys into the comical notion that this country was founded by third-rate Billy Graham wannabe wingnut losers like him.

Loves him some Frothy. Babbled prayers and drooled over him for a bit, then made the obligatory anti-Obama squeals and whines and asked his imaginary sky-buddy to "do a mighty work" on the bad black guy.

Packed house. Lots of gray and blue hair. I wonder whether there's even one stooped-over Rascal-driver in the room who realizes that ol' Frothy is one of "them ol' Catholics."

Oh--and preacher-boy?

You and what army?


Preacher Boy is apparently embarrassed by all the attention he got when this video went all over the Interwebs and has scrambled to yank it off the Web by...deleting it from the church website.

Y'all be nice and don't tell him about the rest of the Internet, 'kay?

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