Sunday, January 8, 2012

X-11: 3 Years!

I can still see the delivery guy trying to free himself from the monster Ford Expedition after he locked himself in.

I haven't really done much to the car in the last year. The most involved repairs were the clutch cable and...the clutch cable.

The rest of it was little stuff like trying to rebuild the door lock switches (farking 30-year-old plastic!), swapping in a new wiper motor, and swapping in new headlamp shells (takes your 6054 lamps and lets you use modern 9003 bulbs).

Here's how the poor car sounded the morning she was delivered:

Just about every vacuum line under the hood was missing or plugged and the carb was pretty badly out of adjustment. It took the guy a few minutes...and once he got her off the trailer:

Still pisses me off, though, that I told the transport company NOT TO TRY STARTING the damn car. It had been sitting up for awhile. I didn't want to risk damage to the engine bearings from someone running it without priming the oil pump.

It only took me 15 days to get the engine running much better (all new vacuum lines and a bunch of other little stuff):

It was still rough, but once I got it to this point smoothing things out only got easier.

Think I'll go driving.

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