Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Teabaggers are Scum.

At last night's Teabagapalooza in Tampa, the Teapublicans had a "debate." Don't know who won, given that they're all losers, but Ron Paul and his cheerleaders in the audience showed their true scumbag colors:

Can't afford health insurance? Dying because of it? The doddering geriatric coot Paul and his insane, sociopathic "pro-life" teabaggers say you should die--"screw you, I've got mine"--and they applaud themselves for saying so. Imagine their orgasmic joy if they'd been able to watch this man's house burn for lack of $75! Even better if he was trapped inside, right? Screw him, he didn't pay!

Assholes. Assholes and hypocrites.

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