Saturday, April 10, 2010

The Weather Channel--back to movies!

Yeah. They tried this in November of last year, picking movies with "weather" in them so they'd have a gimmick.

It's baaaack. Now they're calling it "Flick and a Forecast" (ugh). I didn't find any real buzz about it via the Google--just the hype from TWC itself, and this post about Jen Carfagno, one of the hosts of the evening program, and her legs. I have yet to sit and watch; I see it as just more fill.

See, they've got a ton of clip-shows, a badly-named "history" show, a sort-of "Mythbusters" clone where they bust stuff up with simulated weather, and what looks like another clip-show with Cantore, all carefully scheduled as to be on when I'm looking for the "Local on the 8's" segment, which is really the only thing I tune in for. Once I see the regional Doppler radar and chance of rain, I'm out. I don't think I'm alone in that. All that buddy-buddy horseshit with their weather actors--oh, sorry, their on-air meteorologists can't be bringing a lot of eyes, can it?

Probably not--that's why they're filling more and more screen time with pop-in-a-tape-and-see-you-in-an-hour crap. Less payroll spent on the weather actors.

Instead of all that crap, I'd rather see--and would sit and watch--stuff about the science of weather and forecasting. Real content.

Bleah. That's like expecting Bravo, A&E, TLC, History, Discovery Health, and all the other crappy programmers to stop doing reality shows about washed-up celebrities desperate for attention, midgets, clown-car-vagina breeders, and crab fishermen. It's all crap, but it's cheap and easy.

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